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Product Overview

GEU-Wärmetechnik is a competent manufacturer and supplier of high-performance apparatus for water and steam handling. In addition to our heat exchanger, we also supply condensate accumulation devices, steam generators, steam driers, condensate pressure reducer and condensate return systems.

Products from GEU-Wärmetechnik have been used for many years in highly varying industrial sectors. For example in production and processing systems in the foodstuffs industry, the chemical industry or in hospitals for producing pure steam for sterilization and humidification. Moreover products of GEU-Wärmetechnik are used as components

  • To transform steam into water and vice versa
  • To produce service water
  • To generate sterile steam and for air humidification
  • To cool lubricating and cutting oil
  • To recover heat
  • To generate heat in a wide range of industrial areas
  • To recover residual heat
  • In district heating stations
  • In heating systems
  • In solar heating and air conditioning systems
  • And many other applications

Heat exchanger and steam generator of GEU-Wärmetechnik are laid out precisely for the specific output data using our own computer design programs rather than relying on general selection tables. This gives us great flexibility for solving problems, leading to economical equipment with the smallest possible dimensions, combined with simple handling and low weight.

By opting for our products, you can reap the benefits of our 30 years experience in the fields of process engineering, thermal engineering and control technology and the over 100 years of experience offered by C.F.Scheer, whose product range and key staff were integrated into GEU-Wärmetechnik in 2009. The following pages provide an overview of our products.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. We offer individual and independent consultancy services, as well as specific end-to-end solutions for your projects.

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