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The Company

GEU-Wärmetechnik, based in Filderstadt, is a competent manufacturer and supplier of high-performance apparatus for the handling of water and steam.

Over the years the GEU-Wärmetechnik has acquired great experience and expertise, especially in the areas of steam handling, condensation, condensate supercooling, sterile steam generation and heat exchangers for district heating, heating, and water and swimming pool applications. This makes us a dependable partner, not only for the supply of high-quality products, but also when it comes to offering advice on choosing the best equipment for your application.

By opting for GEU-Wärmetechnik components, our customers can reap the benefits of our staff's decades of experience in the fields of process engineering, thermal engineering and control technology. Using our own IT programs, we design all heat exchangers and steam generators according to specific operating data. GEU-Wärmetechnik devices are thus made to measure, economic to run and designed to meet specific requirements.

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Preliminary testing and construction and acceptance tests are carried out in line with the Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/EC, and acceptance is recorded accordingly.

As steam specialists, the GEU-Wärmetechnik can provide you with individual and independent advice, and offer specific end-to-end solutions.

We would be proud to become your partner of choice for future projects.


GEU-Wärmetechnik is headquartered in the Plattenhardt area of Filderstadt, at Justus-Liebig-Straße 6.

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Filderstadt was formed when five independent communities were merged during the municipal reform of 1979, and is now the second largest town in the administrative district of Esslingen. It is situated within easy reach of the A8 highway, Stuttgart international airport and the new exhibition grounds, and is close to the regional capital, Stuttgart.