Heat Exchanger

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Heat Exchanger, with u-shaped tube bundles or straight tube bundles, Vertical or Horizontal Design

GEU-Wärmetechnik mainly focuses on the supply of classic heat exchanger with smooth U-shaped tube bundles or straight tube bundles mounted in a shell. We generally supply removable bundle and shell constructions to enable easier handling during mounting, cleaning, dismantling and the replacement of individual elements.

The use of freely expandable U-shaped tubes allows the divergent temperatures of the media in the tube bundles and shell to be handled safely, foregoing the need for additional structural compensators.

Every heat exchanger - including even our smallest vessels - is built from DIN-regulated construction elements. This provides additional scope for our safety-oriented customers.

All heat exchanger are manufactured to the highest quality standards by TÜV-certified staff. NC-controlled production machinery enables high tolerance precision in the final products, thereby reducing the risk of leakage flow and significantly improving the heat transfer rate.

Our special metallic "Steel-Y-Flex" packings and longitudinal partitions contribute significantly to the enhancement of efficiency. We supply apparatus diameters ranging from DN 150 to DN 1200 with heat transfer surfaces of 1.5 to 750 m² and weights of up to 20 t per device.

Heat Exchanger 

U-Tube Heat Exchanger, Type CG with metallic longitudinal partition